5. naturalizaçao

la forme qui nait (2)

Naturalizaçao, danse and ceramics, a project led by Alessia Wyss, Galerie Szenne, 2016, Brussels


«the treehouse my brother had built up, at the bottom of our garden. I cannot come because I’m a girl.»
«Again the bowl in which the litte cat is drinking. Its rough tongue, and its cold nose.»
«Lucy on my back. In the valley, there is fog over the swamp.»
«The suicidal fish under the cabinet. He had jumped out of its bowl.»
« A red pen. In the classroom, a big blackboard with beautiful letters written by hand on it.»
«In the train, with friends. The train is going to the college. It’s in the morning.»
«With my brother, on the sidewalk, in front of the house.»
«My pink and white torpedo, we bike on the street with our neighbours: Deborah
and… (I forgot the name).»
«The big hall of the police office.»
«The white headscarf of my aunt Pascale, lace on the forehead.»
«My father’s Latin Book. His collection of stamps in the wardrobe.»
«The wedding ring that scrubs on the chamotte of the clay»