A fold in the carpet, unglazed stoneware, 42 pieces, 140x190cm, Court of Justice, Mons, Belgium, december 2019. Photograph: Anne-Marie Dehon


« As he was tired he wanted to sit down, he went back inside the cathedral, he found something like a small carpet on one of the steps, he moved it with his foot to a nearby pew, wrapped himself up tighter in his coat, put the collar up and sat down.  »

Kafka, The trial, Chapter 9: In the cathedral, source


« Comme il était fatigué il chercha à s’asseoir et rentra dans la cathédrale où il trouva sur une marche un petit morceau de tapis qu’il poussa de la pointe du soulier jusqu’au pied du banc le plus proche ; il s’enveloppa plus étroitement de son manteau, releva son col et s’assit. »

Kafka, Le Procès, Chapitre 9: dans la cathédrale, source

I want to express my gratitude to Sonny Basso Boccabella and to Audrey Denutte who helped me to realize the concrete project!